RV Road Trips - National Parks Roundup

RV Road Trips - National Parks Roundup

If you're looking for RV road trip ideas, some of the best locations are our country's amazing national parks. They are full of beautiful scenery, helpful guides, and there are almost always camping facilities available nearby. Browse our roundup of some of our favorites and add these to your list of upcoming RV trip ideas.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Located in North Carolina and Tennessee, the Smokies are home to diverse species of wildlife, including black bears, which you have a good chance to spot if you venture onto any of the many hiking trails or even from the more than 300 miles of roads in the park. Use our guide to help you plan your trip to the Smokies. 

Denali National Park

If you're interested in one of the most adventurous RV road trip ideas possible, head north - far north! Alaska's Denali is full of breathtaking scenery, ranging from snow-capped mountains to wildlife like grizzly bears and caribou to forested tundra. You'll be overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Last Frontier. Just be sure to plan carefully, as the drive to Alaska and Denali is often remote and can pose hazards if you're not prepared.

Badlands National Park

For unique RV trip ideas, consider a visit to the Badlands in South Dakota. The location is remote, but far from empty. You'll see multicolored land formations such as buttes, as well as peaceful prairies and grasslands. See the sights from your RV or take advantage of the hiking trails. Check out our blog to learn more about traveling to the Badlands.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Nature lovers rejoice! Rocky Mountain National Park has something for everyone. Stunning scenery, excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, and all the comforts of civilization in nearby Boulder, Colorado. There are hiking trails for those of all ability levels, and plenty to see from the road as well. Start planning your trip to the Rockies now.

Hopefully this brief list has got your travel bug ready for action. Do some more research and decide which of these national parks sounds best for your preferences, gas up your motorhome, and get ready to hit the road! And stay tuned for more RV trip ideas to come.